Super Splatters Review

Super Splatters

When I loaded up Super Splatters, I was greeted by a funny blob made of clay*, with a high pitched voice. As soon as I saw this, I knew this game was going to filled with these weird little clay blob people, although, they look more presentable than the “blob director” on the start icon.

When I actually began the game I had to choose from three parts; I assumed there was a story behind this, so obviously I chose the first, seeing as the other two were locked. When the stage began, I was introduced to a hovering scene made out of sea stones and clay, one which was humorously shaped as a seal to match the stages name “The Seal”. And so, the game takes off with two blobs talking about the actual game itself.

Super Splatters is about becoming amongst the best Super Splatters, which are these adorable little blobs hurling themselves against the environment around them, in the most sickest, awesome and fastest means, to cause the blobs to explode, which apparently is a reaction to the goop that the Splatters are made of. They explode into fireworks when they have absorbed enough primordial soup, which is pretty neat to see.

The player is taught the basics of gameplay throughout the first stage. This is mainly how to jump, stunts and flips, and reversing time for one second. Once you have been taught the basics you get to perform them in a “Freestyle” stage, to go through what you’ve learnt, all under the guidance of a yellow bandana wearing blob who everyone refers to as “Boss”.

Freestyle puts you through three to five rounds of a selected number of Splatters and a bunch of smaller blobs, wonderfully placed into cool and elegant designs, ripe for you to destroy and explode, all in front of an audience of goo people. Not only do you get points for your stunts and how fast you complete the round, you’re also rated on the amount of views you get as well, because you’re being watched on T.V as well as by the crowd. If you fail it’s not that vicious, you just get told “One more time” and repeat. So failing is okay in their books, as you’ll get it right eventually. It took me seven attempts to learn one trick. And if you want to beat your high score or try a higher level for more challenge, go ahead, as these options are included in the menu.

The second stage is similar to the first, except that it’s harder and teaches you about combos. Then, it’s nothing but practice and combo mashing, which is like freestyle but you have to reach a quota of stunts instead.

Overall the Super Splatters is a very fun and enjoyable game; it certainly stands out from the crowd and is great for a quick game if you want something different. The design and gameplay are equally enjoyable and the comedy, though bland at times, is humorous because it gives the coloured balls of clay some life rather than just being there and doing this with no purpose. Also, there is an added Splat T.V, so you can learn (and cry) from other players who have already done levels you’ve complete, but better.

*It isn’t exactly made clear what the characters in this game are made from so I’m just going to call them whatever seems appropriate to their body type.

Developer: SpikySnail
Publisher: SpikySnail
Release Date: 26 June 2013

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