Gun Monkeys Review

Gun Monkeys

I am a monkey. A monkey who has been sent to the future to duel another time travelling monkey, in a fight to the death. What for? Energy cubes, is what for. Why? Because you dumb-ass humans have used all your precious energy boiling kettles and playing video games, is why.

So, here I am stuck in the future. Gun in hand, leaping around an assortment of 2D platform maps, trying to avoid huge circular saws one minute, or diving underwater depths the next. Desperately collecting energy cubes to send back home, whilst attempting to outwit and destroy the seemingly endless stream of enemy gun monkeys, who want the cubes just as much. Thankfully, the devastating  bombs, power-ups and mods, such as rocket packs, can make my task a little easier, but sadly, that other darned monkey has them too.

It’s not all hazardous cube collecting and duelling, though. The soothing electronic soundtrack calms my nerves, and my trainer, the legendary Kevin Eldon, taught me how to survive in this future world with humour and charisma. Oh, how he made me laugh acting as The Real Rod Hull. That’s all in the distant past now. My life is collecting cubes and staying alive. I just hope DanThat monkey doesn’t appear again to wipe the floor with me.

Gun Monkeys is a 1v1 online deathmatch, set in various 2D platform levels. It’s brilliant, chaotic madness and costs about the same as lunch at a burger bar managed by a psychopathic clown. It’s a lot more fun, though.

Developer: Size Five Games
Publisher: Size Five Games
Release Date: 28 June 2013

Official Site



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