BioShock Infinite DLC Really Is Coming!

Everyone remembers sailing through the skies like monkeys with identity disorders, shooting people in the name of American fundamentalism right? When giant robot replicas of George Washington paraded through the streets firing round after round after round at your seemingly magnetic head? Well, good news, everyone! Irrational has recently told Joystiq that there is indeed new DLC for BioShock: Infinite on the way!

Elizabeth is also troubled over the state of the economy.

Now, nobody actually knows the nature of the DLC, or whether or not it will be included in the game’s Season Pass which guarantees access to an unspecified three pieces of DLC. Luckily that didn’t include the Columbia’s Finest bollocks. I for one want to believe that it will involve meeting an Architect who wants to build buildings for the sake of the buildings, not for the traditions governing all other architects. Or! Maybe Booker will discover, behind a giant floating door, a time machine. He then goes back in time and fights sentient dinosaurs who are planning on destroying all asteroids in order to maintain their absolute dominion on earth, preventing the rise of humanity. No matter how many times I’ve given these ideas out to game developers, there has still not been anything resembling them released!

But enough of my madness. This site is all about you! The dear readers! So, leave a comment, tell me that I’m a madman hiding behind a keyboard. Or, if you are really brave play along with my delusions and come up with the wackiest possibilities your little minds can come up with! There’s nothing to lose! I seriously just hope that BioShock doesn’t go the way of Far Cry, sending the protagonist into the 80s, turning him into a Cyborg, and injecting him with a possibly lethal dose of terrible one-liners. But, remember, I’m just a madman who has just run out of tea.

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