Hold The Presses! Final Fantasy VII Gets ANOTHER Release

Final Fantasy VII--The game that lives forever

Something wonderful showed up this morning when I was doing my daily strolls through the featured items in the steam store. Something ground-breaking, original, and daring. A game that will surely change the face of gaming for generations to come. A game with such an original story, that it would be sure to strike a plethora of emotions into the hearts of even the coldest heart. That game is Final Fantasy VII.

What…what do you mean it’s just a re-release? No matter. Final Fantasy VII is doubtlessly one of the more influential and well loved games of our time so it doubtlessly is pretty good news that it is available to more people. Moreover, the addition of steam achievements adds a bit of motivation for people who have maybe played this game many times (We know you’re out there) to go through it again, and at just $11.99 there isn’t much reason not to buy it if you’re into the whole turn-based RPG thing. And, did I mention that there was  cloud saving?? Huh? *ahem*

I for one never really played the game. I’ve never seen the appeal of a bunch of bobble-headed dolls with over-compensatory weapons taking turns wailing on various baddies. I know it’s supposed to have a ridiculously rich story that goes unrivalled in the gaming world, but that’s all just so much noise. I heard that Dear Esther has a pretty rich story too, but that won’t make me sit through so much tedium. Maybe I’m wrong though, so I’m leaving it up to you to convince me otherwise. Is Final Fantasy VII worth getting on steam? Will you be purchasing it again, or purchasing it for the first time? Or will you be like me and passing it by because you would rather play a western RPG with a bunch of racist assholes with more boring looking clothes and hair?  Let us know in the comments below!

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