Gun Monkeys Giveaway – Travel To The Future and Kick Monkey Butt! (CLOSED)

Gun Monkeys


(There is one extra key posted on our Facebook page, though!)

Gun Monkeys, a physics based, 1v1 online deathmatch, set in procedurally generated 2D platform levels was recently released to great acclaim by multi award-winning indie developer, Size Five Games.

I’ve been playing it rather a lot recently, and legendary Size Five developer, Dan Marshall (creator of Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!), the mastermind behind Gun Monkeys, has had the pleasure of wiping the floor with my futuristic primate be-hind numerous times. As way of apology for the humiliation I’ve suffered at his furry hands, Dan has generously donated six, yes, six Gun Monkeys Steam keys to give away.

I’m giving these keys away as three sets of two, so the three lucky winners can give a key to a friend, enemy or potential life-partner, and impress them with future-monkey combat skills.

To win one of these sets of two Steam keys, simply ‘Like’ our super-sexy GameTwonk Facebook page and leave a comment including the word ‘monkey’, or alternatively, leave a comment underneath this very post, including the word ‘monkey’. Three winners will be picked tomorrow, Wednesday, 3rd July 2013, at some point before midnight, by a time-travelling monkey.

Click HERE to visit our Facebook page.

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10 thoughts on “Gun Monkeys Giveaway – Travel To The Future and Kick Monkey Butt! (CLOSED)

  1. Q: Why did the monkey like the banana?
    A: Because it had appeal!

    Q: What’s black and dangerous and lives in a tree?
    A: A monkey with a machine gun.

    Q: Why does Gun Monkeys look cool?
    A: Because monkeys with gun are cool…and that’s not a joke!

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