Sang Froid: Tales Of Werewolves Review

Sang Froid: Tales Of Werewolves is a curious game. When I first read about its impending release, I was quite excited. A strategy game set in the mythical world of werewolves and folk tales seemed too good to miss.

Four hours into the game and I’m feeling quite different. I just forced myself to play another session, and to be blunt, I really don’t care if I never play Sang Froid again. Not that it’s a bad game. It’s not. The art is charming and pleasing to the eye, the story compelling, sound design effective and, importantly, it works. I just don’t like it. I find playing it boring. Sure, Sang Froid is original, well made, challenging and clearly developed with passion. But for moi, not fun. I mentioned that I’ve played four hours so far. I should add that it has taken me around three weeks to accrue that amount of gametime, in very small doses. Hence the lateness of this here review.

Sang Froid is a fusion of tower defence type strategy and third-person-shooter. The player is presented with a map of a location to protect from attacking werewolves and must set various traps to slow down and damage the offending Lycanthropes. This is achieved during a paused state, and so, strategies can be carefully planned and revised. When all traps are set, the next stage begins and events happen in real-time. This is when the third-person-shooter element kicks in. Players can select from two available characters to control; the easiest being a fat bloke dressed like a lumberjack. I chose him. Shotgun and axe are the weapons of choice, which used in conjunction with the effects of the carefully planned traps, can be mighty handy when slaughtering flesh-hungry beasts of the night. For extra offensive power, silver bullets and holy blessings can be added to ones arsenal too.

Yes, I know. It all sounds so good. And it should be. So why, oh why am I so bored with Sang Froid after four hours? It could be because it’s really bloody hard. I’m on Chapter IV, or Day 10, and the present onslaught of supernatural bastards has me defeated. You see, as the game progresses, the maps become increasingly difficult. The player’s objective is to protect multiple  locations on the map from being attacked by various amounts of werewolves. Fair enough. Not just one wave of beasts though. Multiple waves. Of increasingly powerful beasts. And just one fat bloke, running around, desperately trying to save his sister from being eaten. And failing. Miserably.

Maybe I’m being impatient. Clearly, Sang Froid is a game meant to present a strategic challenge. If I played for a while longer, of course, I would eventually figure it out and prevail. I could then learn new skills, level-up my character, unlock even deadlier traps, better weapons and new locations to upgrade my kit. I just can’t be bothered. It’s too much hassle, man. I’d rather boot up BF3 and have actual fun.

So there we go. Sang Froid is ostensibly, a well-made and original single-player, strategy / third-person-shooter hybrid, featuring folk tales and werewolves. Underneath the levelling and unlocks, though, lies a puzzle game. Sadly, I usually find puzzle games tedious.

Release Date: 5 Apr 2013

Developer: Artifice Studio

Publisher: Artifice Studio

Official Site


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2 thoughts on “Sang Froid: Tales Of Werewolves Review

  1. Hi, I just finished reading your review. I’m sorry that you did not like our game, but your review was honest and I’m glad you didn’t just “bash” the game even if you did not like it. You took the time to explain why you did not like it, and hey, if it’s not your type of game, it’s not your type of game; but I appreciate that you took the time to explain that to your readers. However, we did put a lot of efforts in making the game accessible, and I was just wondering if there was a way you could add in the review that, even though the game is quite challeging, there are things that the developpers did to help the player and avoid the frustrating situation where you have to restart a night 10-15 times. As an example, there’s a pop up and a tip saying that during the day, if you press Escape and click on the “strategy hints”, there’s a wave-by-wave guide describing how to plan a good strategy for the upcoming night. We also changed the pricing of some items so the potions (speed potion, rage, etc…) are easier to buy. Anyway, just thought I would write you this quick note. Thanks again for your honest review. Cheers! Vincent – Artifie Studio

  2. Hi Vincent,
    Thank you for the feedback. There’s no need for me to change our review, as readers will have read your very helpful comments. Best of luck with Sang Froid and your future projects. Ian.

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