Trials Evolution Gold Edition Review

Trials Evolution Gold Edition

Do you like doing things over and over and over and over again until you get them exactly right? Of course you do, you’re a vidya gamer.

I was a big fan of RedLnyx’s 2008 motorcycle stunt game, Trials 2 Second Edition. Countless hours spent obsessively repeating various breath-taking jumps, loops and stunts until achieving perfection provided me with immensely gratifying fun. Inevitably though, countless hours of fun will lead to game burnout (no pun intended) and I have been craving a new decent motorcycle stunt game for quite some time. Sure, there is GTA, Burnout Paradise, Mad Riders and a few more trial-bike-based racing games and some of them are even good, but none of them have that je ne sais quoi. What’s been missing is stupendously high jumps, insane loops and gravity defying drops. Plus, the need to do tracks over and over and over again, of course.

Enter, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. RedLynx have finally realised the stupidity of their actions in releasing sequels of their fantastic stunt-bike game only on XBAWX, and thusly deliver a collection of thrilling content to PC at long last. Included is the original Trials Evolution, plus, all of the single player tracks and skill games from Trials HD.

RedLynx have done a great job of porting TE to PC; the engine has been optimized and enhanced effectively and my experiences of playing it have been mostly bug-free. I say mostly, because it has crashed twice in multiplayer. More on that later. All the features of its forerunners are included: from the in-game track editor, player sharing of custom tracks, and global Leader Boards.

The visual enhancements are stunning. A massive amount of beautifully rendered tracks set in radically different locations provides a plethora of highly entertaining challenges to master. The glorious visuals, ingenious level design, satisfying physics engine and wonderful humour of the game ensure that no matter how many times I need to repeat a track to get it right, boredom is far, far away. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of successfully negotiating a death-defying track, only to be blown to smithereens at the finish line by a barrage of TNT, or squashed by a falling piano. The track settings encompass just about any scenario you care to think of. From the well-known warehouse type locations, to mind-blowing roller-coasters, World War Two minefields and much, much more. There is even a Limbo style track and some dirt-skiing, for good measure. The amount of tracks is truly, massively massive. Of course, you will have to unlock all these wonderful tracks, and this is done by winning medals in various increasingly difficult events. A by-product of winning medals is the accumulation of bucket-loads of cash and this can be spent on new bikes and cosmetic items for both player models and vehicles.

It’s not just about obsessively repeating lunatic tracks until every error has been ironed out, though. Multiplayer mode presents a way to race online against other players, head-to-head in Supercross mode. For showing-off technical skills, Trials mode pits players against each other in timed single-lane challenges. Unlike single-player, here we have a rank system, used to match players accordingly. Like, single-player, winning earns cash  to spend on new bikes and cosmetic items.

Did I mention there’s a track editor for creating and sharing your own mind-bending challenges with others? And that replays can be instantly uploaded to YouTube from in-game? Snazzy.

Trials Evolution Gold Edition is a magnificent stunt-bike riding game, executed with fantastic imagination, humour and polish. Such originality, masses of content, track editing and sharing options make it a peerless masterpiece.

Release Date: 21 March 2013

Developer: Redlynx Ltd , Ubisoft Shanghaï

Publisher: Ubisoft

Steam Store Page


Hardware Used:

Wireless 360 Controller                                                                                                       Intel i5 3570k                                                                                                                         ATI HD 7850 2GB                                                                                                                    8 GB RAM


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