Monster Loves You! Review

Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You! is a point and click adventure game that puts the player in control of not only a freshly spawned Morsel, but also the fate of monster and human relations.

I began the game as new-born morsel, thrust into existence via the all-powerful, primordial slime. Immediately, I was faced with life-changing decisions that would shape my evolution. Was I a team-player or pure survivalist? Was I brave or sneaky? This was natural selection in it’s purest form. Having successfully survived the brutality of the spawning vat, I soon found myself growing into a young Monsterling and rehoused with a cosy cave. Luvverly.

Being a Monsterling means exploring the world for the first time and inevitably, stumbling upon adventures, as we all do at that age. I recall with clarity stealing a Twix from a sweet-shop on the way home from school one day. Crazy, I know. That’s how I rolled back then.

Time waits for no monster, and before I knew it, adolescence was upon me. An important time for shaping out future selves. Time to hang-out with monster friends with names like Blotz and Gobclaws. Which attributes to concentrate on? Bravery? Cleverness? Honesty? Hmmmm. Ferociousness is always handy. As with the monsterling stage of life, adventures chosen here will mould the character of of your scary alter-ego, so choose carefully. I was appearing to become a sort of libertarian socio-path, a bit like real life. Just like real-life, the end of monster adolescence brings a monumental challenge. No, not work in Burger King or Maccy D? Finding the way out of a spooky cave, you fools.

Adult life, as we all know, carries certain new responsibilities. the same goes for monsters. Now, not only will adventures shape the creature you are, but also, politics. Here is where I was able to help shape relations with the dreaded humans. Should the monster race embrace the humans as allies? Or rip them to shreds before they destroy us first? Adult life also sees the introduction of a random dice-rolling element to the game, which adds extra fun when making big decisions. Life is no longer a matter of choice; traversing the big-wide-world needs luck as well as strengths.

Three hours of real-life time and I had grown into a respected monster Elder, hob-nobbing with the old dudes and making monumental decisions usually saved for presidents and Gabe Newell. My journey was coming to an end. The circle of life continues. Hakuna Matata, my friends.

Monster Loves You! Is an entertaining casual point ‘n click RPG; the humour is subtle and though I was never rolling around clutching my sides with hilarity, I was pleasantly amused most the time. The graphics are suitably cartoony, the music is ambient folk-guitar and can be turned off when it becomes annoying. Due to the nature of making choices that evolve your character and the random element of dice-rolls, there should be a fair amount of replayability from MLY! For the truly dedicated, there are also badges to collect for maxing out attributes and completing a life-cycle with a certain attitude. It’s original and a fun distraction for would-be monsters.

Release Date: 18 Mar 2013

Developer: Radial Games Corp and Dejobaan Games 

Publisher: Radial Games

Official Site



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