Irrational: Bioshock: Infinite Doesn’t Need Ultra-Realism.

A lot of gamers; PC gamers especially, may tell you that the best way to flaunt your top end graphics hardware is to have visuals that are as close to real as possible. And who can blame them? It takes plenty of horsepower to process the ultra high fidelity games like Crysis or Battlefield 3. However, in an interview with CVG, Bioshock creators, Irrational Games say that’s not what all gamers are looking for. When asked why their focus is so far different from most AAA action games nowadays, Irrational’s Bill Gardner states that “You look at Elizabeth, and she’s by no means super ultra photorealistic  That’s not our goal, it’s about making her relatable and believable and lovable.” This doesn’t mean however that Bioshock: Infinite won’t have eye candy, as Gardner states that “I think there’s plenty here [in Infinite] that would make you want to crank up the graphics card all the way and crank up all the options, but I think as an industry it’s the misconception [that gamers want realism] mixed with taking the easy road.”

It’s a fine line to be sure, but there is a middle path where unique art direction can take precedence over ridiculous photorealism. I know that I am a huge fan of games that can use my hardware for more than animating every grain of dirt on a rusted building. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments what you think about ultra-realism versus a more unique art direction.

You can read the full Interview on CVG HERE

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