Antichamber Review


Antichamber bills itself as a puzzle game that attempts to retrain our preconceived notions of how things work.

Starting the game it looks like a straight forward FPS puzzler.


If you jump however, you will fall. A leap of faith (Last Crusade style) will see that the floor is generated as you walk across the void.

Puzzles are solved by lateral thinking. Walking towards a wall produces a different effect to running at the same wall. Likewise, a door that closes when you look at it is easily bypassed.

Then game then shifts to point of view puzzles…


To get to the blue corridor, one might think that just walking around the object in the centre of the room will achieve the goal. Well, the answer is yes, but not in the way you would expect. Simply walking around, focusing on the back, far wall reveals another, solid wall. Concentrating on the centre piece the entire time reveals the exit to be where you came from, and the world has shifted around you. This trick is used many times and frustratingly, finding the right point to view, where and how to view it from can be challenging.

Later in the game the block gun is introduced. The blue gun which arrives first, can suck any colour block and turn it into a blue one (this colour change effect will become important later). Initially, the gun is used to move blocks to climb over stuff – yes, the eternally dreadful jumping puzzle briefly appears. The block guns – there is one for each colour: blue, green, red and yellow, cause a step-change in difficulty. The player triggers doors by blocking light beams, and blocking them from closing directly. Then you discover the gun can hold multiple blocks…

I found Antichamber to be highly absorbing and soon forgot time – which is dangerous, as every puzzle has a time limit! It feels a little expensive at the current Steam UK price of £14.99 – the current 25% discount is a big help, but one feels it should have been under ten pounds and is certainly ideal Steam daily deal or sale fodder.

Devloped by Alexander Bruce

Published by Demruth

Official Site

Antichamber on Steam



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