Sine Mora Review

What the world needs right now is a decent horizontal shoot’em up. A shmup that stands out from the crowd of recent homogeneous franchise pap released into an underwhelmed market. Forget Call of Doody, Shitman Dilution and 007 Letdowns. Sine Mora is here to save the day.

Sine Mora is a horizontal shoot’em developed by Digital Reality, whose impressive back catalogue includes the recent favorites, Bang Bang Racing and SkyDrift.

Time waits for no-one, the old adage goes, and that is certainly true of Sine Mora. For along with a plethora of disparate enemies doing their best to blast you away with hails of bullets, twisting, perilous scenery and gigantic, omnipotent end-level bosses, the old tick-tock of father time is baying for blood too. Fail to complete a level fast enough and kiss goodbye to a precious life. Don’t cry though, for destroying your oppressors and collecting power-ups will replenish your treasured chronograph.

Game modes available are: Story Mode, which weaves an entertaining tale and features two difficulty levels, Arcade Mode, for the more seasoned shmupper and again, provides two difficulty choices, and Score Attack, for the totally obsessed. Leaderboards and achievements will ensure your attention remains intact for many moons.

Over fifty weapon combinations can be discovered over the seven wonderful stages, as well as time-manipulation devices, unlockable characters and other goodies to collect. A deep scoring and rank system will tantalize even the most accomplished players.

Overall, Sine Mora is a polished and high quality release, featuring a soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill fame and magnificent boss designs by anime creator, Mahiro Maeda.

Experience the immediate joy of shoot’em up glory in style. Sine Mora will keep you coming back for more. This close to the holidays, being amazing value for money is a bonus too.

Release Date: 9 Nov 2012

Developed by Digital Reality

Published by Kalypso Media Digital

Official Site

Steam Store Page

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