I’m Gonna Play Me Some…DayZ

Hello true believers. Welcome to the consciousness altering new feature here at GameTwonk, “I’m Gonna Play Me Some”.

Somebody once said, “a picture says a thousand words”, and even though that doesn’t make much sense, it’s generally regarded as correct. Subsequently, “how many words does a video say, then?”, is the glaringly obvious question that springs to mind. The answer is literally billions. So, what with the arrival of my new super-computer (wait for the upcoming, in-depth article about how I managed to flout the laws of physics and build my own,  as we in the too nerdy to buy a pre-built fraternity call it), I would be stark-raving-mad not to make full use of it’s glorious quad-core intelligence and record videos of myself playing PC games.

To start the proverbial ball rolling, I bring you……..I’m Gonna Play Me Some…DayZ

Edit: Somehow, at some point, technology has decided to play a great joke on me by magically making the screen go all *wobbly*. Thanks, technology.

DayZ Official Site

Arma 2 official Site

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