Bang Bang Racing Review

In a PC gaming world inundated with racing simulations and cop vs crook FPS style arcade chasers, Bang Bang Racing delivers wacky light relief.

Bang Bang Racing is a single-player, top-down, arcade racer featuring turbo boost, four classes of motor car and twenty individual vehicles. There are nine twisting circuits to become obsessed with, all of which feature a myriad of destructible obstacles, nerve-shattering turns and challenging environmental conditions to contend with. Being a single-player game, the fun is to be found in practicing the various circuits repeatedly and slicing valuable seconds off  lap times. Your remarkable achievements can then be proudly displayed on the Steam Global leaderboards for all to marvel at.

The graphics are cute, cartoony and amusing, whilst being sharp and semi-realistic; sort of like racing well-made toys. The sounds are pretty much what one expects from an arcade racer: growling engines, screeching brakes and all that petrol driven jazz. The music appears to consist of synthy techno type floor-fillers, and that I didn’t immediately turn it off is testament to it’s inoffensiveness. There’s a tutorial section for the dim, and tweakable settings are: resolution, gamma and volume FX. The overall high quality of the finished product makes it clear that a lot of care, attention and skill has been required to deliver such a delightful release.

The fun with Bang Bang Racing is in its accessibility. It doesn’t take long to master the physics and start winning races, and from there it’s all about the joy of immersion into the wacky world of BBR.

I’ve been playing using my trusty wireless 360 controller, which was recognised immediately and works a charm. The tracks are super-slippery, making for some edge-of-the-seat, drift-style cornering and dodging rivals had me gritting my teeth with tension. There are career, championship and freestyle modes available; the former being where success must be attained to unlock all available rides. If you are bonkers, it’s possible to play four-player split-screen multiplayer races.

Bang Bang Racing is a polished and entertaining casual, single-player, top-down arcade racer, available at a very reasonable price.

Developed by Digital Reality & Playbox

Published by Kalypso Media Digital

Release Date: 8 Jun 2012

Bang Bang Racing on Steam

Official Site


Hardware Used: 

Microsoft Wireless 360 Controller

Intel i5 3570k 3.4GHz Quad Core CPU



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