Krater Alpha Key Giveaway CLOSED

Giveaway now closed.

Swedish developer Fatshark will unleash the post-apocalyptic, top-down action RPG Krater on June 12, but why wait until then to play when we’ve got alpha keys for you?

Krater takes place in a gigantic impact crater where cities and even nations have been built in the aftermath of a civilisation changing bomb.

The game features extensive crafting, character persistence and a truly immense world to explore, where both injuries and experience work in conjunction to evolve your team and prepare for the chilling end-game.

The player controls a squad of three characters chosen from four different main classes with a multitude of specializations. The aim is to prepare your team of Freediggers for the end-game and try to get as deep as you can into the main shaft, a dungeon crawler of massive proportions. Mind-blowingly, singleplayer and multiplayer co-op game progress is persistent, for extra-special super fun.

We’ve got four exclusive alpha game keys to give away, for activation on Steam. Ooh yeah.

To win one of the keys simply post a comment below telling us what you love most about Sweden.

Official Site

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6 thoughts on “Krater Alpha Key Giveaway CLOSED

  1. Visited Sweden once, with my parents (as a kid).
    Loved a particular type of caramel candy.
    Ikea sells it as well, calls it ‘Godis Gula Snören’.
    Bought it again recently, trip down memory lane..

  2. I’ve got cousins in Sweden. I visited in 96′ ish when I was still a kid. I don’t remember much about the places we visited. One thing I distinctively remember is a boat ride to Denmark from Sweden which had slot machines. It was international waters so I believe gambling is legal and age didn’t matter. I remember my sister and I finding out which machines were lucky and which weren’t. The ones with fruit were winners. After a while my sister won a jackpot. Coins were dropping from the machine like crazy and we could barely pick them up ourselves. Next thing I remember was us celebrating with my parents and cousins eating chips.

    Another thing I remember was the ride from the airport. They drove up in a red convertible with the top down. It was just so unusual I remembered it. Just some nice memories.

  3. also ontopic: what i love most about sweden is the 100mbit connections and the blond angels you got there 😀

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