Stone Quarry Simulator Review

Stone has made humanity the relentless force it is today. It was stone that smashed into earth from outer space 65 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs, subsequently clearing the way for Homo Sapiens to rise to dominance and claim this planet as our own.

Beautiful stone. Wonderful stone. Stoney stone. Stone is hard and stone is tough. Stone can crush things to death and build spectacular monuments. Stone Henge is bloody great.

Stone builds our homes, our roads, statues, businesses, government buildings and countless other stoney things. Stone is the jewel in the crown of modern industrial society. But these wonderful stone-based creations don’t just build themselves. The precious stone has to originate from somewhere. Where? Stone quarries is where. Deep in the wilderness of untamed, nihilistic landscapes live the stone quarries and the very special breed of human being who manage them.

Are you tough enough to brave the elements and live the stone quarry life? There are two ways to find out. One involves gambling everything on a bizarre change of career that could possibly destroy everything and everyone you know. The other simply requires playing Astragon’s Stone Quarry Simulator.

The adventure begins with a humble set-up of the essential quarrying equipment, such as the mighty shearer loader and wheel loader, but with hard work, determination and a little business savvy you will soon be fulfilling increasingly lucrative orders and reaping the massive rewards. With financial gain comes the opportunity to upgrade equipment and discover fresh, juicy new quarries bursting with stoney goodness. Marble, Limestone and Granite await the victors and the dumper truck, pneumatic drill and dynamite will blow your mind.

As your career advances and world domination beckons, tough choices are necessary to decide the most successful course of action; will you fulfil the humble gravel order or go with the more demanding Armourstone request?

Forget nerves of steel, this game requires a nervous system made entirely of cold, hard, unforgiving stone.

Released April 2012

Official Site

Score: 10/10

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This entry was posted by Ian Brown.

5 thoughts on “Stone Quarry Simulator Review

  1. You call this a review? After reading I have exactly the same information I had before, nothing at all. How is the interface? Are there any bugs? Do we man the machines or hire someone to do it? Sorry guys, but this is not a REVIEW by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Hello Jon. Sorry that you didn’t find what you were looking for here. To answer your questions, you operate all the machinery yourself and the interface is fine.

  3. Thanks Ian, in the mean time I found other sites with more information, like for example the cargo in the trucks and diggers never fall off no matter how you drive. Do you guys need more people here to handle the reviews? 🙂 I could help (no payment necessary).

  4. I recommend you look at the yogcasts video of play for this game, the graphics and gameplay look like something from the n64, not a modern game.

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