Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars Review

The original Mount & Blade, developed by Tale Worlds was published by Paradox Interactive in 2008.  This free-form,  sand-box, single-player RPG featured groundbreaking horse-mounted combat, hugely vicious melee battles and the massive land of Calradia to explore and conquer.  So popular was Mount & Blade, that in 2010 Mount & Blade: Warband, an updated version, featuring improved graphics, mechanics and added multiplayer was released to critical acclaim from reviewers and fans alike.

Now in 2012,  the Warband series expands further still, with the Napoleonic Wars DLC. This is a multiplayer expansion pack for Mount & Blade: Warband, featuring the final years of the French Empire’s struggle to remain the dominant power of Western Europe in the early 19th century. The expansion features famous Napoleonic battles such as Waterloo, and five European powers from the era. There are more than 220 unique units to play and accurately recreated battlefields across the war-torn lands of Europe. Did I write the word “Europe” too much in this paragraph?


  • Accurate early 19th century weapons, uniforms and environments
  • Multiplayer battles with up to 200 players
  • Five nations with more than 220 unique units to choose from
  • A wide range of artillery pieces ranging from field cannons to mortars, capable of firing a variety of missiles such as canister, explosive shells and even rockets – all fully controllable by players
  • Finely crafted game balance ensuring player skill is the hero of the battlefield, not the gun or the sword
  • Construct barricades, dig trenches, and rig explosives with the multi-purpose Engineer class
  • Special musician units with drums, fifes, bagpipes or trumpets, able to play historically accurate tunes; all recorded and played by award winning musicians
  • Lead squads of soldiers against each other in the new commander battle mode
  • More than 40 classical background music tracks

If you’ve read my previous review of Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword you will know I’m a massive fan of this series. Tale Worlds have created a truly unique action RPG in Mount & Blade; the important element in multiplayer mode being the combat, which is incredibly satisfying, both on horseback and on foot, ranged and melee. Napoleonic Wars adds the gunpowder of Fire and Sword to multiplayer mode of Warband. This brings with it all the joy of cannons, muskets and other incredibly slow- to- reload weapons of mass destruction. There are also wonderful little touches, such as being able to play as a drummer or piper, and march around like a shell-shocked patriot whilst all hell erupts. If you prefer your combat up-close and bloody, there are of course plenty of swords available to slice your enemies into defeat.

Napoleonic Wars is a fantastic addition to the Mount & Blade series, great fun and reasonably priced.

Released April 2012

Official site

Napoleonic Wars on Steam

Hardware Used: 

AMD 4200+ X2 2233 MHz CPU


ATI HD4670 512mb GPU

Windows XP SP3

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