Amp, Watts & Circuit Review

Amp, Watts & Circuit is the first commercial release from the one-man independent developer, Jamo Games. 

The game features three robotic rebels named Amp, Watts and Circuit, oddly enough. These metallic mavericks have become tired with their lives of forced labour in a factory and seek emancipation. Like all would-be revolutionaries though, they soon discover that the road to freedom is pathed with danger.

The player takes control of the three Marx-bots and moving them around the factory tiles, the aim is to find the exit whilst negotiating various contraptions.

Amp, Watts & Circuit is an entertaining, original and polished puzzler. The graphics are cute, quirky and Cartoon Networkesque, if you know what I mean. You do? Good.

The sounds are delightfully retro-arcadey and the electronica soundtrack perfectly suited. Playing the game is fun and challenging.

James Biddulph, the mastermind behind Jamo Games is an experienced developer, and it shows. The game runs smoothly and includes important options such as graphics quality, control input, resolution and windowed mode.

There are four zones and fifty puzzles to solve, which will probably take me around a year. I’m currently attempting to figure out stage three. I have been since yesterday. It’s also great value for money at $5.99.

If you enjoy puzzle games, you will undoubtedly like this. If you also enjoy retro-arcade styling and robots, you will love this.

Score: 9/10

Released: 17/2/12

Download the demo and purchase from the official site HERE

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