My Darling Valentine PC Gaming

Today is February 14th – otherwise known as St. Valentine’s Day, so I’m declaring my everlasting love for PC gaming.

That’s right, I am deeply, madly in love with PC gaming and have been since I was 11 years old. Just looking at an image of a ZX81, my first ever home computer, still gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Technology has evolved at an incredible rate since then, of course, and octo-quad processors are now powering PCs at levels we could hardly imagine just a few years ago. Graphics cards are also capable of providing immense performance at little cost and just a few hundred notes can buy a decent system that will run the latest releases.

The growth and accessibility of the internet has meant that PC games are available to download from numerous digital stores quickly, easily and at a price to suit your pocket. PC gaming developers remain passionate, dedicated and prolific, with smaller indie companies making as much impact as the mammoths of the industry, thanks to social media and crowd-funding opportunities.

Whether your next game is developed and published by a multi-billion dollar international company, or by a lone dev working from home, the gaming experience on offer is personal, immersive and multi-sensory. For the gamer fully wired in to their custom, multi-media virtual-reality kingdom, or satisfied with a desk, chair and rig, we know that PC gaming is the only way to game and always will be.

To help me celebrate the glorious, hot, steamy passion of PC gaming lust, we have fresh from the mind of a PC game developing hero, a brand-new, soon to be released game to preview.

Jamo Games, a one-man operation are to release the quirky robot-based puzzle extravaganza Amp, Watts & Circuit, on 17th February and I’ve been lucky enough to play it early.

Amp, Watts & Circuit has the player taking control of three robotic heroes who have become tired of the mindless factory work they are forced to do.

To escape the slavery of the workplace our techno-rebels must work together to breakout of the vast and dangerous complex. Utilising their individual talents, through 4 zones and 50 challenging brain-teasers of increasing difficulty, thinking “outside of the box” is essential to succeed.

One of the three metallic protagonists can be selected at any given time and moved around the level on to certain tiles that cause doors to open, obstacles to move and other consequences. Freedom awaits the victors.

You can download the Amp, Wats & Circuit demo right now from the official site HERE.

Amp, Watts & CircuitAmp, Watts & Circuit









Amp, Watts & CircuitAmp, Watts and Circuit

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