Dota 2: Price £34.99 and Released March 2nd in UK? UPDATED 2/6/12

Valve’s re-imagining of the massively popular Warcraft III mod DotA (Defence of the Ancients) has been a huge hit in it’s closed beta stage, with highly sought free keys for the Dota 2 test being traded for as much as £30 or more.

The questions on everyone’s lip though, are: when will Dota 2 finally be released? And, will it be free to play, or not?

The answers could be available from home entertainment store Zavvi. 

Zavvi currently have Dota 2 available for pre-order on their website, costing £28.85 (reduced by £6.14) and state that it will be released March 2nd 2012.

You saw it here first, folks.

[UPDATE 2/6/12] Oh, how wrong Zavvi and myself were. Valve have officially confirmed that Dota 2 will be free to play. See HERE for more info.

Link to Dota 2 on Zavvi

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