Win RACE Injection! (Closed)

Swedish developers Simbin are a crazy bunch. Not only because they’re Swedish (which obviously makes them crazier than average), but also because they are crazy about creating top quality racing games! They’re so crazy that they’ve managed to take a short break from creating top-quality racing games and being tall, blond, drunks to give us a Steam key for the wonderful RACE Injection!

This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Tim Igoe who was picked randomly from the entries.
Sorry if you didn’t win, follow GameTwonk and stay informed about future free stuff.


To win the key, simply leave a comment below this very post answering the following question:

In my recent review of RACE Injection I state that “I find myself simultaneously grinning with glee and …………………………… as I streak past opponents at opportune moments.” –

Which action correctly fills the space?

A) Wetting my pants

B) Crying like a baby

C) Howling like a wolf

D) Dancing like Mick Jagger

E) Holding my breath

F) Baking a lovely cake

G) Levitating

H) Punching myself in the face

The winner will be chosen randomly from the correct entries. Competition open until I close it. Peace.

This entry was posted by Ian Brown.

10 thoughts on “Win RACE Injection! (Closed)

  1. “E) Holding my breath”

    Did you use a controller, wheel or keyboard for the review? There a lot of games that lack wheel support and as a “sim” it’s required.

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