Race Injection Review

RACE Injection is the final chapter in the award winning and glorious RACE 07 series. Developers Simbin have collected the most requested content from five previous releases: Formula RaceRoom class, GT Power class, Retro – historic class and the official STCC and WTCC 2010, and brought them together in to one outstanding package.

I’ve previously reviewed the Retro expansion pack, and as then, I’m a fan of Simbin’s work. They know exactly what they’re doing. These are racing games created by people with a passion for the subject matter. The impressive high quality of the RACE 07 series is consistent and surpasses expectations. The graphics and sound design are spot-on. The cars are sleek, shiny and crisp. The tracks are perfectly rendered, and the roar of the various engines is spine tingling. I love the feel of these cars too. Whichever of the massive collection of vehicles are chosen, they are a real pleasure to drive. The cars are wonderfully responsive and the physics feel satisfyingly appropriate. I find myself simultaneously grinning with glee and holding my breath as I streak past opponents at opportune moments.

The amount of customisation and choice available from RACE Injection is incredible. Whether it’s single player vs AI racing, beating your own lap times against a ghost or online multiplayer competition you’re after, this game has it all. You can pretty much race whatever type of car you like, with as little, or as much realism as you like, too.  Want some adrenaline fuelled arcade style fun? No problem, simply remove all realism settings and off you go. Want full simulation, right down to adjusting your seat, switching on lights, removing visor tear-offs and full vehicle damage? You’ve got it. Whatever you want from a car racing game, as long as it’s not explosions, power-ups and floozies with massive boobs, RACE Injection will satisfy. Simbin don’t do inane gimmicks like unlockable trendy skins, virtual clothes stores or mind-destroying cut scenes. This is about high quality racing and attention to detail.  As before, my only tiny gripe is the lack of a persistent single player career mode.

RACE Injection features 23 new unique car models in 7 different classes,  9 new tracks from across the globe and real life championships.

A dazzling finale’ from RACE 07 and a must-have for any race loving pc gamer.


Official Website

RACE Injection on Steam

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Hardware Used: 

Wireless 360 Controller

AMD 4200+ X2 2233 MHz CPU

ATI HD4670 512mb GPU

Windows XP SP3

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