Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Review

We all know the FlatOut demolition racing series don’t we? I have fond memories of Finnish developer Bugbear’s 2007 release FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, and the explosive chaos of it’s online multiplayer modes. It wasn’t the greatest game ever created, but it held my interest and delivered what I’d hoped for.

Now we have FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction, brought to us by Team 6 Game Studiosof the Netherlands. Since it’s initial release last December there have been various improvements based on player feedback, and I’ve played version 4.

The problem is that I just don’t understand this game. The graphics seem to be intentionally retro arcade style, whilst successfully controlling the vehicles requires the frustratingly steep learning curve of a simulation. My difficulty with this unusual combination is that I can’t bear to behold the ugliness of the visuals long enough to become any good at it. I’m particularly offended by the vehicle art; it would be well suited to a flash game. The backgrounds are mostly decent, but it’s not about the backgrounds is it? No. It’s about the vehicles that have escaped a Sega Megadrive.

I explored FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction for two hours, and it was a genuinely joyless and ultimately depressing experience. A big selling point for this title is the large variety of game modes available; I tried them all, and truly hate them all. This game is without a soul. It is soulless. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction should be beheaded, burnt and doused in holy water.

Team 6 Game Studios have previously developed FlatOut titles for Nintendo’s Wii, and that’s where FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction belongs. Think I’m being unfair? Go play Bizarre Creation’s Blur, Criterion’s NFS: Hot Pursuit , SimBin’s Race Injection or Steel Monkeys’ Post Apocalyptic Mayhem. These four games alone put FlatOut 3 to shame. There is simply no need for a game this mediocre in the year 2012.

On a positive note, Team 6 Game Studios continue to listen to community feedback and tweak the game accordingly.  I’ve also read some positive, praising comments from players on the forums, so clearly some people are enjoying FlatOut 3. 


Official Website

FlatOut 3 on Steam

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PC Used:

AMD 4200+ X2 2233 MHz CPU

ATI HD4670 512mb GPU

Windows XP SP3

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14 thoughts on “Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Review

  1. This game is bad, the recent reviews , tons of videos, and tons of unhappy customer flooding the net are proof of that…..online is dead already and the game is not even a month from release.

    Team6 and the publisher killed thier own game by releaseing such a broken game, and they deserve everything thats been posted about this mess.

  2. Strong divided it is, true words. I’ve got the game installed (as from launch), still playing, still enjoying the game. If i had to rate it, i would give it a 7 or perhaps 8: But not like a 0, 1, 2 or 3 which is about the maximum score i’ve seen so far online. A friend, for whom i bought a copy, told me there were so many reviews out there and we two are wondering if we are the only two in the whole world actually liking this game now..

    i mean, we’re not like freaks, the two of us? This racing game is very similar to any other randomly named, full priced racing game: the graphics are the same like NFS or whatever racing game you pick from 2011, the audio is about the same as any other game, the music is something you want to disable at start (same as any other racing game.. always cheap rock / trance kind of stuff made in basements) and it’s car behaviour reminds me of.. well.. actually all the other good racing games i’ve played. I don’t get the fuzz,b it’s a very good, solid game and they did nothing wrong.

    I especially disagree about the lack of soul, as the reviewer wrote. I have 3 more games from team6 so i can’t speak for all of their games, but the three i’ve got are every each made with a lot of love and effort, something i miss in most other games from other developers. Perhaps that’s why i picked up this title in the first place, i just like the little extras Team6 usually puts in. Hey Team6, you actually got a fan here! (only one? yes.. i’m afraid so).

    In FlatOut3, they did the same; you can see the funny stuff they did with each car, and give it so much.. character. Soul is the right word for it, perhaps. I especially like the Porpala (a strange but oh so cool mixture between Impala and PorscheGT2 or perhaps GT3!!!) but my friend likes the old but rusty ugly Bonecracker with only one headlight (returning from FO1). There are +40 cars in the game, and every each of them impresses me. Well.. that’s not true. There are 5-6 cars that are disgusting, but i’m sure some people will like them since it’s not quality, soul they are missing. Probably. Even the ugly ones are done with love and with ugly ones i’m refering to the bulldozer (which is always skidding!), the small pincho-kinda car, 2 of the old ‘classics’ i forgot the name of (fortune and.. starbreeze? starwhore? something like that) and the big Niggah-whore car. Yes, team6. Someone is even paying attention to your funny car name jokes! Niago. Say it out loud and it’s nigga ho, am i right? You did the same shit in previous games, and that’s good shit. Not bad shit. It makes me laugh. Or, as said before, i’m crazy and the only one enjoying your games. If you spray this car shiny gay pink, it may even be better than this “i take me me oh so serious” oversized monster truck it is now. That’s my 50cents for adding to the wishlist you guys have on steam. A giant sized, PINK monstertruck.

    Ow, and it’s not all good. Before people start saying i’m a team6 employee. I’ve seen it happen before on 2 other reviews and also on youtube, people being accused of working secretly for team6. Multiplay SUCKS BIG TIMEstuntman in multiplay seems to work just fine for some reason (bettter tested than the rest of it?), but the racing sucks. It also did in their previous games, so i guess they just suck in it big time. I can only play multiplay with about one person, before the whole thing lags SOO bad you kick all people except there is no kick function at all. With proper multiplay support, you would have earned a ten from me. So.. yes, strong divided opinions they are.

  3. I wrote a bad review. Perhaps the worst. And I feel bad about it. Real bad. My first review gave the game a 6.5, but my editor said i should trash it. So I did. I revised my article and ended up with 3.4. Still not good enough, i was supposed to give them a 1: the lowest mark in history. So i did. I don’t know why i had to give FlatOut3 a 1 and did not dared to ask my editor. There are many people who want to take my job away from me. I do not have the guts to Email team6 i even enjoyed their game and will continue to trash games if my editor asks me to. But i just wanted to write it down somewhere, where neither my editor nor team6 will read it. Not on my twitter, facebook, not as a post on my own review which was done in Finnish but translated to 3 other languages. I had to write it somewhere. It’s a terrible hard, unfair world we live in.

  4. Oh dear, another influx of team6 employees trying to limit damage control on another site and another review.(Sigh)

    Luckly at this stage the game has now become legend across the net as to just how bad a PC exclusive game can be………luckly its dead now and soon we can all move onto games that deserve our money and attention.

  5. My 2 cents, game is enjoyable and fun. Keep up the good work and don’t be overwhelmed by the haters, team6! if team6 is really reading this, and all other, reviews and posts.. D:

  6. I bought this game in the xmas sales, i deleted it 2 hours later, the game studio responsible for it have done themselves no amount of damage with its release, i doubt we will be hearing from them again in any substantial way in the future after this debacle.

    • I read recently they were working on DLC…….can you believe this shit, working on DLC when the main game is still such a disaster…..WTF is that all about…..everybody at team6 involved in this game should be working round the clock to fix the main game…….DLC should not even be on the cards at this time…..idiots.

  7. ” This game is without a soul. It is soulless. FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction should be beheaded, burnt and doused in holy water.”

    That line says it all about this game.

  8. I just got to try this on a freinds PC, he was unlucky enough to be caught up with the flatout name and pre-orderd it for $30……..and what a complete shambles this game is, team6 it seems are trying to sell cheap and nasty shovleware software by slapping successful franchise names on them…….shame on them.

    People who pre-ordered this have basically paid for a alpha version of a game…and for that i pity them at losing money on this tripe…..Worst PC game for a long time and the worst type of PC game selling by team6 and their publishers, both should hang their heads for what they have done to the franchise and the people who had faith enought to buy this tripe.

  9. Nothing more to see here, the game has been panned big time across the net by every reviewer who picks it up…..game is a a turkey of epic proportions, nothing more needs to be said.

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