Holiday Sales Heaven is Here!

Seasons greetings my twonky friends. It’s December 22nd and the Christmas spirit is forcing itself upon even the most glum of holiday hating Scrooges. For us gamers, though, Christmas is always a great idea, as it means: 1. games as gifts 2. cash to buy games 3. time off to play games. Crimbo also brings us the holiday game sales and an opportunity to pay a reasonable price for a change. Oooooh yeeeeah.

“So, what’s the lowdown on the holiday sales, GameTwonk?”, a stereotyped New Yorker in my mind asks. Well, stereotyped New Yorker in my mind, here’s the lowdown:

Steam have their holiday sale up and running, following a shaky start involving overloaded servers and code problems. There are many great deals to be found on Steam at the moment, and you can join in the frustrating holiday meta-game to maybe win some free games, or coupons for decade old ones you already own.

GamersGate continue to offer some fantastic reductions from a wide range of publishers.

GOG have a decent selection of retro titles at 50% off.

Green Man Gaming have various deals, check their forums for details.

I’m bored with listing digital download sales now. Just pop over to Deals4Downloads to find some great savings.

Now I really must post my Christmas cards. Happy gaming!

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One thought on “Holiday Sales Heaven is Here!

  1. I hate Steam. They stole me about 150 Euros with their offers and coal 🙂

    I have no idea if I will ever play all those games, but I am very thankful for pointing me to Cargo, Psychonauts, Bastion and Skydrift. I really love these games, which I would probably never ever have played…

    Revenge of the Titans is also a pearl, just like Renegade Ops.

    This should kill my time until X: Rebirth 🙂

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