Trine 2 Winners

Thank you everyone that entered our Trine 2 competition. We had some great entries and choosing two winners was not easy.

After much deliberation, procrastination and elimination, we decided on the following persuasive communications:

From Alastair Grant

“Greetings and Salutations!

You asked why I want to win Trine 2! Well, truthfully it’s not just me who wants me to win, the universe also wants me to win. Every moment in existence has been building up to this very moment and hangs in the balance between the earth getting knocked by the moon into the sun in a similar fashion to knocking a ball into a hole in that game with the long sticks and the green table or the world carrying on in it’s current unstable path around the sun and the moon keeping it’s distance from the awesomeness that is Earth. To be fair it’s highly unlikely that the Earth getting putted into the sun like a snooker ball will make much of a difference in the long run, as the Earth getting hit in the face with the moon would make quite a mess, even though the moon is kinda small, but I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that the smallest are the most persistently aggressive as they feel the need to prove physical superiority.

So this is why I feel I should win Trine 2, and here’s a quick TL:DR version: Earth goes boom, I’ll be sad, and there’ll be no more penguins left in the universe.

Thanks! And no pressure, I’m sure that there are other sentient species out there to stop the universe being pointless without humanity.

P.S. have a picture of Pinky Pie, she agrees with my hypothesis and likes cupcakes.”

And from David Chen

“Helloith againith. :D. Thou thesbianith. Itsith the timeith of giveith. Whereith thou Festivus is becomith. If one dayith wouldith bringith lifith, shall bringith forthith lifith in festivus. Monith is what bringith joyith withinith children on festivus. Restivus, thestith, bestith, questith, winith Trineith Deuceith.

I’veith madeith a pictureith in the nameith of gabestopith. Bring forthith, cakeith for allith.

Thankith the greatith lordith nameith Gabeith.

Thankith forith the giveith awayith.”



As you can see, I’m easily pleased by childish memes and bad Photoshop. Thanks to all that took the time to enter and come back soon for more free stuff!

Trine 2 is developed and published by Frozenbyte and it’s out now!

Trine 2 official website

Trine 2 on Steam

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