Q&A with Demon Seed


GameTwonk are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of our latest staff member, Demon Seed. You may know him from the eponymously named 1977 movie, Demon Seed.

Demon Seed is fortunate enough to be part human, part amazingly intelligent machine. His father was Proteus IV, a revolutionary artificial intelligence system, incorporating organic elements in a “quasi-neural matrix” and having the power of sentient thought. His mother was Julie Christie, a healthy human woman, who received sufficient nutrients throughout their courtship.

Despite his extraordinary family tree, Demon Seed is just an ordinary kid at heart. He loves nothing more than to connect himself to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and while away the hours playing his favourite pc games.

This mutual love of all things pc game has brought Demon Seed to GameTwonk, where he’ll be our roving reporter, selflessly throwing himself on the frontline of all the latest hot, breaking gaming stories and bagging exclusive interviews with industry big fish.

Look out for Q&A with Demon Seed….coming very soon to GameTwonk

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