English Country Tune Review

Life is stressful. The constant buck chasing, danger on the roads (blaring horns and shaking fists), escaped murderers, exploding microwaves and small choking hazards can get tiresome.
Sometimes I wish I could shrink myself down to the size of an atom and live the micro life.

And what if this wonderful quantum universe happened to be soundtracked by beautiful, soothing ambient electronic music?
Then, wouldn’t it also be just the icing on the microscopic cake if this existence contained 3D puzzles to confuse and entertain?

Well, guess what? English Country Tune has all of the above and more!

Dreams come true, boys and girls. Even really strange ones.

English Country Tune is the first commercial game by developer increpare, and has been eight months in development.

Described by increpare as an abstract 3D puzzler, the player explores 17 unique worlds, each with it’s own rules and mechanics and over 100 levels.

I played the first level of the first world, a unnerving and hypnotic reality, where the aim is to move two Larvae into two waiting Incubators. Obviously.

I found this immersive, challenging and hugely enjoyable. The reason I only played the first level is that it is damn hard!

This is a hardcore puzzle game, probably suited to MENSA induction procedures or secret agent recruitment. That’s okay though, infact, it’s great. This is a puzzler to be savoured and relished; it’s about the long game. Slow down, man.
Drink some herbal tea.

English Country Tune is an enigma amongst games. It’s esoteric, intelligent, entertaining and original. It’s frustrating in the best possible way, and this is supported by a soundtrack of over an hour of fantastic original electronic music. There’s a heck of a lot more to this game than I’ve seen today, I just need to crack that first level..and make some herbal tea.

This is an original, deep, immersive and satisfying game, it’s also polished and lovingly crafted.

Score: 9/10

Developer : increpare

Released : Friday 25th November 2011

Price : $9.99 (PC/Mac), $4.99 (iOS)

Platforms :  PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

Official Website 

[Update] 24 hours later and I’ve finally solved the first puzzle. The solution was staring me clear in the face all along.
Herbal tea definitely helps.

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