SkyDrift Giveaway! Closed

Those groovy funksters over at Digital Reality have slipped us 3 SkyDrift Steam keys to give away, so let’s do it!

The first way to win your own copy of this fantastic new arcade jet combat racing game is to simply email me at: (or just click ‘Email GameTwonk’ at top of the page) – 2 winners shall receive a key from this method based on how entertaining I find your emails. Nothing illegal, please. IMPORTANT: Write ‘SkyDrift Giveaway’ in subject.

The second way to win a key is to follow us on Twitter – do this by clicking that ‘follow’ button on the below right  –  – >
1 person shall be chosen from our lovely new friends based on random and fickle factors. You should probably mention something about wanting SkyDrift and use the #Skydrift hashtag.

Winners have been chosen and notified – check your emails and Twitter messages. Thank you everyone that entered and sorry if you didn’t win this time.

Check GameTwonk regularly for future great giveaways.

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As always, all email correspondence will be deleted at the close of the contest and we guarantee that no information will be passed on to anyone else at all. You will not receive spam as a result of entering.

See our SkyDrift review HERE

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