The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Scratching the Surface


Like the 1990’s upbeat dance music genre, Jungle, Skyrim is massive.

It’s so massive that after around 5 hours (could be more, it’s so hard to tell) of playing today, I still feel like I’m barely scraping an insignificant scratch into the surface of a incomprehensibly deep game. Sure, I’ve had some adventures, met some cool dudes and groovy chicks, slaughtered countless hateful bandits and slayed a dragon, but I’m still only level four! Hence, this is definitely not a review. I might attempt that in a few weeks, or at least level 15.

If, by any chance you don’t know what The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is, then I wonder why you’re actually reading this.
Go and watch X Factor instead.

Now, I’m not the worlds greatest RPG fan, infact, I rarely see the end of most RPGs. My problem is that I grow tired of questing. Relentless questing. Boring, boring questing. Done badly, questing type games are merely grinds. Go there, get that, come back, have gold. Repeat until insane or dead. But done well, the quests are barely even noticed amongst the adventure of the encounters provided. The latter is what Skyrim manages to create. A solid, beautiful and mind blowingly polished adventure. Admittedly, I also loved and completed Morrowind and Oblivion, but that’s further evidence of Bethesda’s ability to create expertly crafted, compelling RPGs.

I found myself instantly sucked into the story and my character. The controls took me a little while to get used to, but there’s a lot to control, what with various weapons, spells and natural abilities to master. But soon I was leaping around, slicing up monsters left right and centre, casting spells like an old pro and displaying finishing moves a Mortal Kombat character would be proud of.

I’ve encountered a few bugs and glitches so far, but the game is still very fresh and patches are certain to iron things out very soon.

This really is a very special game and not to be missed.

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