Where Is My Heart? A Mini Review.

Monsters tend to get a bad rap these days; if they’re not being blamed for the economic breakdown, the prolonged Middle Eastern conflicts or encouraging Kitty from TV’s ‘The X Factor’ to continue with her dreams of being the Primark Lady Gaga, then you can bet that there’s some other minor niggle that people will instantly blame on one. 

Fortunately, not all monsters are evil, man- eating beasts. Some, like the lovable little fellas that inhabit the world of Die Gute Fabrik‘s new Playstation mini, Where is my Heart?, are just trying to find their way home, the problem is their home is trying it’s darndest not be found!

Presented as a pixelated, pastel coloured retro dream, it would have been easy to write of Where is my Heart? as just another twee platformer, cynically playing on the 8bit memories of todays elderly gamers. Lucky then that the word ‘cynical’ is probably the last thing that could be used to describe the game, and those pastel colours, that’s not twee…

…That’s love.

The central conceit is a simple one; get to the exit, how? that’s where the fun starts. You see if being a homeless monster isn’t bad enough, then try being one who lives in a non- linear world where each step could lead you to any of the mixed up, comic style panels presented on the screen during any of the games perfectly designed levels.

If that wasn’t taxing enough on it’s own, throughout the game further brain bending elements are thrown into the mix, such as seemingly unreachable platforms and impossibly difficult to hit switches. Fortunately, each of your new monster friends has a unique ability that can be used to traverse these troublesome enviroments, and as levels become even more fiendish as the game progresses, you’re going to need them all.

All in all Where is my Heart? is a beautifully realised, highly addictive little puzzle platformer that surprises as much as it entertains. Don’t be fooled by it’s little price, or it’s even smaller file size, through the use of a unique gameplay mechanic mixed with some classic platforming conventions Die Gute Fabrik have created a mini classic that manages to challenge your intelligence, without ever losing it’s sense of fun.


Where is my Heart? is available from the Playstation store from 16/11/2011

Official Website

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