A Day in the Woods Review


Ever get tired of all the violence, doom and gloom of pc games? Feel like spending some time away from all the mayhem and blood? A Day in the Woods could be the remedy.

Brought to us by RetroEpic Software, A Day in the Woods is a delightful 3D puzzle adventure game set in the world of Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood is quite literally enjoying A Day In The Woods, and as tradition dictates, is making her way to her grandmother’s house. The woods are scary, confusing and full of dangers though, oh yes they are. But dry your tears my little friends, Red has the priceless assistance of a helpful sprite to show her the way. Even Ray Mears doesn’t have a sprite!

Red’s quirky method of traversing this dangerous environment is to swap the tiles beneath her in a turn-based stylee.
Like all well behaved young ladies she collects flowers and berries for her grandmother, but must beware the nasty forest creatures, such as bears, spiders, and it wouldn’t be Red Riding Hood if there weren’t some child eating wolves on the scene.

The game itself is polished and accomplishes everything it sets out to. It’s suitable for all ages and there are sixty progressively challenging levels.

If you enjoy fairy tale based casual puzzle games, A Day in the Woods could be a dream come true.

I almost forgot to mention that the backgrounds can be customised and the sprite has unlockable upgrades!
Aaaaaaargh cute overload (head explodes).

There’s also a 16-level demo available.


Official Website

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