News Flash!

Halloween is over and life continues at GameTwonk Villas.

During the spooky period our long serving hard drive was wiped due to a monumental Windows feck up, resulting in the loss of all our non-backed up art and music.

Boohoo. Why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why didn’t I back that shit up? Well, I thought I did. Clearly not.

So, that explains the new background images appearing today and probably tomorrow, as I experiment with random Photoshop effects, creating images that will render the viewer insane and blind. In that order.

In other news, there are great new games coming in November – a lot of great new games. A hell of a lot of great new games.

GameTwonk is particularly looking forward to Skyrim, Sonic Generations, LA Noire, Jurassic Park and Batman Arkham City. I’m also hoping for a Dota2 beta invite (but aren’t we all).

If you’ve wondered why there is no mention of Battlefield 3 here at GameTwonk, it’s not that we’re boycotting it for political reasons, oh no, we just don’t have a computer powerful enough to play it.

Sad I know. What sort of a pc game reviewing website is this?! A poor one is what.

I’ve also just had a great idea – if I merely mention a popular game, like……ooh...Modern Warfare 3, I can then add it to the tags list and lure poor, unsuspecting surfers in to my web of sticky, bloggy lies.

Mwaaahaaahaaaaa you fools.

That was the news. Goodnight.

This entry was posted by Ian Brown.

2 thoughts on “News Flash!

    • By ‘run’ do you mean ‘run’ or ‘run’?
      Ahh I see you’re a contributor now. Great.
      I’ll get the PAYDAY stuff done by tomorrow.

      Does that mean you wanna do a BF3 review? 🙂

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