DmC: Lamentations and Loud Wailings

Gamers can be a funny sort; on one hand they demand new adventures from their favourite heroes, but if a developer releases a sequel they complain about the lack of originality in the industry. To make matters worse, if a developer attempts to appease both crowds by trying something new with an existing property, rather than sticking to the safe and warm confines of what has gone before, well, then the poor guys get it from both sides of the gamer camp.

Indeed, in many ways the gaming community remind me of the artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince’s mother, who legend has it, was never satisfied. Well, we know how that ended; with a lot of screaming at each other and crying doves.

Not pretty, not pretty at all.

But if that is what it sounds like when doves cry, then what of devils? If the initial fan reaction to the Ninja Theory reboot of Capcom’s ‘Devil May Cry’ series is anything to go by, it sounds pretty much the same. Only this time the screams didn’t come from Prince, they came from fanboys (and maybe Prince, I don’t know).

What strikes me as strange is that this isn’t the first reboot the series has taken; Devil May Cry 3 was a prequel, and Devil May Cry 4 had players controlling Nero, a distant relative of main protagonist Dante for the majority of the game. Mixing up Devil May Cry isn’t a new thing, so why the hate for DmC?

Well baby, it’s all in the hair, it seems the boldest step Ninja Theory have taken when grasping the reigns of the (devil) charging behemoth that is Devil May Cry is to completely change the colour of young Dante’s hair from the expected white to black. I know, sacrilegious, I can only imagine how many Lady Gaga based aneurysms are happening around the world to the same crowd right now for much the same reason.

Thematically, DmC looks to be taking the much the same route as Devil May Cry 3, with the game following young Dante as he develops his powers and discovers his true destiny. One twist on the previous tale is that as well as being half demon, now the youngling has to contend with being half angel as well, which aside from causing very uncomfortable family parties, will allow Dante to utilise to both light and dark powers in his quest to show off via the medium of fights.

Black hair or not, the actual gameplay for DmC is looking spot on and well within what should be expected from a Capcom published Devil May Cry title, even if they have taken the brave move of giving a new developer a go. So if fans still want their fill of mental combos, aerial combat, adrenaline fuelled demon smashing action then you can pretty much bet than Dante will still be our man.

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom
Release date/price: TBC

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