Whose House..?

The concept of death has always been a difficult one for humanity to grasp. For some even considering the certainty that they, at some point in their life, will lose a loved one can be almost too much to bear. Likewise, for those who have already had to suffer the grief and agony of loss. For the aggrieved these feelings may never subside; with every action, smell, song and sensation bringing back a hint of the departed, yet never forgotten spirit.

Now if you can imagine that soul aching, heart crushing pain. Feel the totally devastating, emotionally destructive force that such a loss can be, then you need to ask yourself…

…if this is the consequence of death, then just how bad would overdeath be?

More to the point, what about overkill? If it wasn’t bad enough to be overly dead, then to be overly killed must be worse. It brings to mind so many philosophical and theological issues that even toying with the idea is almost too much for the brain to process. As a Christian does it mean that even the cosy warm clouds of Heaven are no shield to a second violent demise, or do Buddhists silently tread the middle path to Nirvana, whilst dodging the eternal assassin’s blade?

House of the Dead: Overkill – The extended cut, answers none of these questions, but it is full of head exploding zombies, undead strippers with zomboobies and all out Playstation Move based shooty fun, all presented in the third dimension. Old skool third dimension that is, I’m talking red and green cardboard glasses here, there be no snazzy future things going on in the dead house, after all zombies are a bit like Dad’s; if it was invented after 1978 then it may as well have never been invented at all!

The game’s being given an all round retro, grindhouse feel and considering you’ll be spending the most of it shooting things in the face, it’s seems like House of the Dead may have finally found it’s spiritual home.

The whole games been given a bit of acid spit and polish, with more extra features and levels than you can throw a skull at. I won’t go into it too much, as the game’s actually due out today, so probably best to see this as a reminder rather than a preview. Instead why not just take some time to watch some lovely computer ladies shooting zombies, whilst I use some of my own face shooting skills on the person who organised my publishing schedule.

Developer: Headstrong Games 

Publisher: Sega 

Release Date: 25/10/2011… so you best get to the shops.

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