Defenders of Ardania Beta Key Competition NOW CLOSED


Competition Now Closed! If you won a beta key GameTwonk has emailed you the beta key, for use with Steam.
Thank you all that took the time to enter and Happy Halloween!

Horrorween Competition Time!! Competition #1
Aaaaaaaargh! What can be more frightening than the thought of winning an exclusive beta key for a brand new  
game, developed and published by those fear-mongers over at Paradox Interactive? Not much, I know. 

Well, loads, actually, but never mind that.

Paradox Interactive are soon to release Defenders of Ardania - described by Paradox as tower defense with a 
twist. Defenders of Ardania has players placing towers to slaughter advancing enemy units, deploying their 
own units, and flinging powerful spells onto the battlefield to boot! 
- All powered by everyone's favourite resource, mana. 

Not only that, but GameTwonk did a bit of a wee in our Furry outfit when we discovered 
Defenders of Ardania runs on Steamworks and has achievements. Ooh yeah. 

So, now the competition bit. 

At GameTwonk we love Horrorween so much that we celebrate 24 hours a day during Halloweek of Fear. 
This non-stop partying gives us special mind powers and thanks to a process of torture and brain-washing,  
we have managed to extract 4 beta keys from Paradox, for use with the Steam digital version of 
Defenders of Ardania

These beta keys can be used immediately for online multiplayer with up to 4 players and will magically 
become the full game when it's released to mere mortals in December. 

Defenders of Ardania is set for release on the 8th of December 2011 through digital download. 

The PC versions will be 14.99 USD

To win one of the 4 beta keys, simply email GameTwonk and tell us why you think you should win a key. 

Winners will be announced this weekend.   


Steam digital download service 

Note from GameTwonk: Contestant's email addresses will be deleted immediately after competition close and 
absolutely no information will be seen by anyone outside of GameTwonk. 
We take your privacy and security  extremely seriously.

Check back for more exclusive Horrorween competitions this week!
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