It’s All For You Damien!


It’s a funny thing. You ask any man of a certain age what the scariest thing they have ever seen is and without doubt they will all recount the time they watched, squinting at the TV through their fingers, as Kathy Bates got all naked in ‘About Schmidt’.

For years game developers have tried to emulate that same feeling of horror, dread and guilty excitement as Ms Bates slipped out before slipping into a hot tub and in a week long special we, in the fearless hallowed corridors of the steely Gametwonk towers, shall be showing you how.

First stop on the terror bus tour is a place you may have been before; New Marais, as we check in on some old friends with some new tricks. But buckle your seat belts, for the this is no return ticket, no, you my friend have been given a one way ticket to EVIL!

It seems like vampires are getting their little mits everywhere these days, millions of teenage girls have been plastering the minions of darkness all over their bedroom walls ever since Twilight taught them it was not blood vampires lusted for, but long term meaningful relationships with a partner they could feel was an equal. Luckily, in a move which may prove vital should the denizens of the night ever attack, Sucker Punch have decided to put the sparkly vampire myth to rest with the altogether more evil: Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC available from the Playstation Store this week.

The game tells the tale of probably the worst night in Infamous hero Cole McGrath’s life, where as often happens in real life as well as video games, a night of celebration leads him to be bitten by the queen of vampires herself: Mary!

It’s not all bad though, as Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben once told him – being bitten  by a vampire gives you awesomely awesome evil powers of evil. Now Uncle Ben may have been drinking when he said that, but it turns out he was right and in an addition that every Infamous fan has been asking for since day one Suckerpunch gives you… Flight!

Flight at a price that is, and that price is blood.

Being all Vampiric and all, the evil flowing through Cole’s veins has created the need to drink the goodness flowing through everyone elses, which leads to the next big change; the absence of the morality meter. That’s right Uncle Ben, Cole’s gone bad… real bad and he’s hungry.

Add all this into a mix that includes an augmented return of Infamous 2’s UGC tool, newly updated so that gamers can create some awesome comic panel cut scenes of their own, standalone trophies and MOVE support, Festival of Blood looks like it’s shaping up to be the perfect way to avoid answering the door to children on Halloween night.

More importantly, the whole thing is a standalone product so you don’t even need any previous Infamous titles to play it.

Infamous: Festival of Blood is due on the US Playstation store 25/10/2011, and the EU store a day later on 26/10/2011.

Developer: Sucker Punch

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Prices: 9.99 USD/7.99 GBP/9.99 Euro

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